Change Background
- Removing, adding or changing the background
- Merging objects/people into pictures
- Background Enhancement
- Joining two pictures
- Adding text to your images


- Adding a person/object
- Adding backgrounds
- Removing unnecessary objects
- Perfect Scenery


Look Taller
- Look taller then you are in a photo


Colour Correction
- Colour cast correction
- Colour adjustment
- Brightening key elements
- Adjusting tones & contrasts
- Adjusting the sharpness of image
- Exposure and colour correction
- Contrast/density correction
- Adjusting colour balance hues
- Adjusting colour tones


Eye Correction
- Red eye removal
- Eye colour change
- Brighten eyes
- Squint eye correction
- Squinching/puffy eye correction
- Eyeglass glare removal


Nose Correction
- Repair broken nose
- Re-shaping of nose

Teeth Correction
- Teeth whitening and repair
- Bridging gaps between teeth


Special Effects
- Sketch
- Painting
- Pop art


Blur Background
- Blur the background and focus on image/object


Breast Correction
- Breast reshaping
- Breast upliftment
- Increase breast size


Beauty Retouching
- Portrait retouching
- Make-up retouching
- Facial retouching
- Skin smoothing
- Remove Shine from Face
- Tidy Stray Hairs
- Eliminate cellulite


- Body reshaping
- Double chin removal


Look Younger
- Remove wrinkles
- Remove fine lines around eyes
- Removing under eye bags
- Removing dark circles
- Eye lift
- Aging spots removal

Blemish Removal
- Removing dots and blemishes
- Removing pimples
- Scar removal
- Acne removal

- Repair photo
- Restore torn, damaged or faded photographs
- Repairing scratches, spots, stains & cracks





Services from Wedding Photo Editing

Change Background
Look Slimmer
Look Taller
Colour Correction
Blur Background
Eye Correction
Nose Correction
Teeth Correction
Breast Correction
Special Effects
Beauty Retouching
Wedding Portrait Retouching
Make-up & Facial Retouching
Skin Retouching
Blemish Removal
Remove Shine from Face
Hair Retouching
Wrinkles Removal
Remove Cellulite
Sunburn Reduction
Double Chin Removal
Restore Torn, Damaged or Faded photographs and Repairing Scratches, Spots, Stains & Cracks

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